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We are now a Full Service Company.

We can help you Buy, Sell, Fix and Flip your home. We now have a licensed Realtor, Lisa Loffredo who is on board. 

You can work with Lisa by visiting the website

Furlong’s Expert Home Remodeling Contractor

Look no further than Heavenlee Homestead when searching for skilled property remodelers in Furlong, PA. Our team offers carpentry renovations, home painting, and landscaping services. Additionally, we do new home construction projects as well as property upkeeps, including plumbing and electrical repairs.

Helping You from Start to Finish

Through ongoing education, training, and cutting-edge technology, we bring the latest innovations to every project we handle. Likewise, our early involvement in the conceptual phase of your project allows us to explore all design possibilities that are apt to your requests. We are also able to assist you in obtaining the best balance between your desired aesthetics and your budget.

Be One of Our Happy Clients

Our reputation for quality work, responsiveness, and competitive pricing has been the primary factor in our company’s success. In fact, we have been getting a lot of referrals from our previous customers. If you want to be a part of our ever-growing list of happy clients, call us now to schedule a service.

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